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and so tomorrow there will be another number
for the one who had a name
21st-Jun-2030 11:35 am - friends only.

friends only.

comment to be added.
7th-Jun-2019 08:18 pm - fandom and ships list.

greatest. anna popplewell. selena gomez.
greater. ellen page. olivia wilde. evan rachel wood. rachel mcadams.
lesser. emily browning. summer glau. ashley greene. joanna krupa. evangeline lilly. mandy moore. kristen stewart.

greater. susan/lucy. peter/susan. caspian/susan.
lesser. caspian/lucy. edmund/lucy. edmund/susan.

greater. susan/rosalie. susan/bella.

greater. harry/luna. ginny/luna. fred/george. albus severus/scorpius. ginny/fleur.
lesser. ginny/hermione. lucius/draco. hermione/fleur.

greatest. ino/sakura. naruto/sasuke. jiraiya/tsunade.
greater. sakura/hinata. naruto/hinata. anko/anyone.
lesser. iruka/kakashi.

greatest. mori/haruhi. renge/haruhi.
greater. tamaki/haruhi. kyouya/haruhi. kyouya/tamaki.
lesser. mori/honey.

greater. jasper/jane. edward/alice. quil/embry. rosalie/bella. rosalie/tanya. jasper/tanya. alice/bella.
lesser. jasper/edward. edward/emmett. seth/edward. jacob/tanya. edward/rosalie.
other. anything else uc, i'll definitely read and attempt to write. promise.

greatest. alex/miranda. alex/harper.
greater. justin/alex.
lesser. justin/max.
6th-Jun-2019 12:29 pm - reading list
summer glau's neck

title. author. (quick summary.)

june 2008.
making the run. heather henson. (photography and getting high.)
you don't know me. david klass. (domestic violence and frog tubas.)
prom. laurie halse anderson. (math teacher steals prom money.)
shadow people. joyce mcdonald. (vagrants destroy buildings.)
what my girlfriend doesn't know. sonya sones. (art student paints nude models. poetry form.)
a room on lorelei street. mary pearson. (a girl moves away from her family.)
witch child. celia rees. (a girl is chased away for being a witch.)
sorceress. celia rees. (an indian girl finishes the witch's story.)
ink exchange. melissa marr. (fairies -orhoweveryouspellit- and tattoos.)
birdwing. rafe martin. (a boy has one swan wing.)
time's memory. julius lester. (a slave tells the stories of dead people.)

july 2008.
luna. julie anne peters. (mtf transgender.)
full tilt. neal shusterman. (deadly rollercoasters.)
the magician's nephew. c.s. lewis. (magic rings.)
the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. c.s. lewis. (the pevensies.)
the horse and his boy. c.s. lewis. (an escape.)
rainbow road. alex sanchez. (gay boys on a road trip.)
prince caspian. c.s. lewis. (a prince.)
voyage of the dawn treader. c.s. lewis. (a voyage.)
the silver chair. c.s. lewis. (a chair.)
the last battle. c.s. lewis. (a battle.)
amazing grace. megan shull. (a tennis star turned eskimo lover.)
the confessional. j.l. powers. (mexicans beating each other up.)

august 2008.
dare truth or promise. paula boock. (drama geek and burger giant.)
define normal. julie anne peters. (punks and peer counseling.)
breaking dawn. stephenie meyer. (epic fail.)
deliver us from evie. m.e. kerr. (a dyke farmer.)
grl2grl. julie anne peters. (girl-related short stories.)
house on mango street. sandra cisneros. (mexican short stories.)
between mom and jo. julie anne peters. (gay parents.)

september 2008.
i am rembrandt's daughter. lynn cullen. (artistry.)
6th-Sep-2008 11:05 am - RECENTLY ADDED TO META POST PART 2

Please direct all of your comments to the meta post.
23rd-Aug-2008 06:00 pm - narnia six word drabble-fest
♥ narnia six word drabble-fest ♥

write a narnia drabble in six words.

you can post as many as you like, but my only restriction is your comment should only contain one pairing. so you can have twelve "drabbles" for peter/susan in the same comment, but an edmund character study needs its own comment.

in the subject line, write the pairing/character.

pimp this!

rpf is allowed!
18th-Aug-2008 06:32 pm - twilight six-word drabble-fest
♥ twilight six word drabble-fest ♥

inspired by the lj writers' block prompt, but mostly by this at sob.

write a twilight drabble in six words.

you can post as many as you like, but my only restriction is your comment should only contain one pairing. so you can have twelve "drabbles" for edward/bella in the same comment, but an alice character study needs its own comment.

in the subject line, write the pairing/character (and a title if you'd like).

pimp this!
2nd-Aug-2008 07:53 pm - BREAKING DAWN WRITE-A-THON

After reading Breaking Dawn, what do you wish had happened? What do you think should have happened? Hey, what could have happened, if not for various SMeyer-related reasons?

Here's your chance to rewrite the book how you want to, if only in a few little pieces.

spoilers under cutCollapse )

In essence, this is an AU-fest.

There aren't really any rules for this one. You can write something short or long -- if the fic is too long for a comment, post a teaser and then a link for me. In the subject line, write Title - Pairing - Rating.

Crack!fic is welcome :D

Oh, and pimp this. I want as many people as possible to know about it. Thanks :)

So, write away, my darlings. Get all that frustration/happiness/anger/excitement (however it is that you felt) out on the computer screen for me. :)

masterlistCollapse )

(Also, I'd like to pimp tju_tju_tju_tju's Twilight Slash-A-Thon, because it's got a whole lot of awesome prompts.)
A quick note before we begin: All experiences discussed henceforth are mine, and aren't intended to be a generalization. You don't have to agree with me. Actually, I prefer it if you don't: there's better discussion to be had that way. Also, I don't mean to be offensive in the least, to anyone. Honestly. These are just thoughts, and this is just fandom. It's definitely not supposed to be a breeding ground for wank.

thoughts on fandomCollapse )

So, enough of my rambling. Please comment and discuss -- I'd love to hear all your thoughts, as long as you keep everything nice and civilized.
9th-Jul-2008 06:41 pm - NARNIA FEMSLASH META POST

so there's definitely not enough femslash (femmeslash, girlslash, whatever you call it) out there in the narnia fandom. hopefully this will be helpful to those fans who are desperately searching for some.

note: rpf is included because there's little enough as it is. if such a thing bothers you, don't read it, okay? that's why i label all the links.

oh, also, my naming convention is alphabetical order. that's why it's lucy/susan instead of susan/lucy. maybe i'm a little bit anal. *shifty*

anyway, without further ado.

we're on a ride to our destructionCollapse )

last updated 09.20.08
18th-Jun-2008 03:45 pm - NARNIA UNCANON DRABBLE-A-THON

(Don't be fooled. I'm still on hiatus.)

HEY GUYS. This follows in the vein of my previous Twilight Uncanon Drabble-A-Thon (no fandom!bashing. Trust me, I hate it too) and follows all those rules.

+ Comment with a drabble. Doesn't necessarily have to be 100 words, either. Just try and make it fit into one comment.
+ It has to be centered around a noncanon pairing (think Pevensiecest, Mrs. Beaver/Minotaur, you go for it.)
+ In the subject line, write title - pairing - rating (g, pg, pg13, r, nc17)
+ Any pairing/threesome/moresome is totally welcome.
+ You can post more than once. Spam me, hon.
+ Pimp this out for me! I need your help getting this to everyone. I mean, I'm still a newbie to this fandom :D

That's about all? I may or may not make a masterlist cause, after all, I am supposed to be on hiatus. OH WELL.

Drabble away, lovelies ♥
26th-May-2008 10:39 pm - SHIP NAMES

Okay, so most of us have seen from the Harry Potter fandom that different ships have different combo names (i.e. Malfoycest, Snupin, etc) and nicknames (The Good Ship, Pumpkin Pie, etc).

What we need is something like that for Twilight. Hence, the NAME YOUR SHIP post.

Reply to the ship's comment (if you don't see your ship in the comments, make one -- I trust you guys) with your combo name and/or nickname suggestion(s). NOTE THAT THEY'RE DIFFERENT. combo name: names are combined into one. nickname: a cute title for the ship.


x Tell me ones you've heard of AND ones you're making up.

x If someone suggests a name that you really like, comment! Sort of a consensus-community-decision thing. :D

x BRING ON THE CRACK, YOU GUYS. Make it fun for me :)

x Hopefully this is self-explanatory, but if you have questions don't be afraid to ask! I don't always bite.

a really long masterlistCollapse )


ohh. ps. i'm staying neutral in all ship discussions FOR THIS POST ONLY. (aka, i'm going to try really hard not to bash canon. lol.)
17th-May-2008 06:11 pm - TWILIGHT UNCANON DRABBLE-A-THON

(This idea, by the way, was shamelessly stolen from fated_addiction and her epic RPF post of win.)

So, let's get straight to the point.

Comment to this entry with a drabble.

Here's the catch: it has to be centered around a non-canon ship (like Alice/Edward, for instance), which is a relationship that could never, ever happen in the books. (Let's face it, fangirls: Jacob is not going to start making out with Edward in Breaking Dawn. Cue disappointed sighs.)

A few things to remember:

Slash/femslash/het/threesome/gen/smut/fluff/angst/anything is welcome.
You can post more than once.
In the subject line of your comment, write title - pairing - rating (g, pg, pg13, r, nc17)
Pimp this everywhere!

Alright, now get to posting. ♥

EDIT: I'm not closing this anytime soon. Probably never, cause UC love is always awesome.

EDIT2: You guys are made of SO MUCH WIN. ♥

EDIT3: Okay, so maybe it's closed. Shhh, it's been two months.

masterlistCollapse )

omg so many you guys





Have you seen any Edward/Bella fics lately? Jasper/Alice? Emmett/Rosalie? Of course you have! They're everywhere. Because they're canon. Their relationships are set in the books. They'll never leave each other, never stop loving each other.

But how many Edward/Riley fics have you read? Lauren/Edward? Rosalie/Laurent? One each, exactly, if you've even read them at all.

That's the beauty of a non-canon ship. They're rare. They're creative. And it takes a little bit more effort to make them believable.

Right now, in the Twilight fandom, there are so few rare-pairs that I'm ashamed. For the person who's not really in the mood for reading a canon ship yet again, it's very difficult to find a different type of fic.

Therefore, I've made a meta post of all the fics in the Twilight fandom that are based upon strange, unusual, non-canon pairings.

So if you're in the mood for something a little different, keep on reading for my master list of impossible ships. If you've read or written one that's not on the list, drop a comment and I'll add it ASAP.

In this post, all fics containing non-canon ships will be linked. They don't have to be good. If you've seen/read/heard/written one, comment now, please. Feel free to pimp your own stuff, too :)

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