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(This idea, by the way, was shamelessly stolen from fated_addiction and her epic RPF post of win.)

So, let's get straight to the point.

Comment to this entry with a drabble.

Here's the catch: it has to be centered around a non-canon ship (like Alice/Edward, for instance), which is a relationship that could never, ever happen in the books. (Let's face it, fangirls: Jacob is not going to start making out with Edward in Breaking Dawn. Cue disappointed sighs.)

A few things to remember:

Slash/femslash/het/threesome/gen/smut/fluff/angst/anything is welcome.
You can post more than once.
In the subject line of your comment, write title - pairing - rating (g, pg, pg13, r, nc17)
Pimp this everywhere!

Alright, now get to posting. ♥

EDIT: I'm not closing this anytime soon. Probably never, cause UC love is always awesome.

EDIT2: You guys are made of SO MUCH WIN. ♥

EDIT3: Okay, so maybe it's closed. Shhh, it's been two months.


memories. jacob/angela. pg. lovebuggin
a moment like this. emmett/bella. pg. fallenmelody
untitled. jasper/bella. pg. spring90
wrap me up. edward/tanya. r. inksplotched
i don't belong here. emmett/jasper. pg13. fathomlesssky
camping. edward/emmett. pg13. whoajessica
if it's broken. carlisle/bella. pg. whomever
mistake. jasper/bella. pg. lovebuggin
your hand in mine. jasper/rosalie. pg. bluesunsets
sidelines. rosalie/mike. pg. absolutelybatty

namesakes. jacob/alice. pg13. whomever
so i'll liquefy you and i. emmett/bella. pg13. yoursolace
unwell. carlisle/bella. pg. silhouetts
collapse the light. jacob/angela. pg. apresmoi
as it turns. jacob/leah. g. inksplotched
wounds. carlisle/bella. pg13. sunni_sideup
he always hated ann rice. mike/rosalie. pg. deadduck008
just third. bella/mike. g. inksplotched
no words. edward/angela. pg. hell_in_the_end
you ripped my left eye out, you dumb werewolf. lauren/jacob. g. crzywritermindi

we're falling from the sky. edward/alice. pg13. kaiwynn
back in time. edward/rosalie. pg. inksplotched
one look was never enough. jacob/angela. pg. lady_ceky
so bright it's weakening. jacob/angela. pg13. apresmoi
not your concern. jasper/leah. pg13. bluesunsets
afterthought. leah/rachel. pg. aldriena
i see myself in you. jacob/leah. pg. inksplotched
i hate edward cullen. mike/edward. pg. absolutelybatty
edward is (not) an island. edward/rosalie. g. solimena
strangers in the wind. jacob/leah. g. bluesunsets

in the family. charlie/edward. pg. absolutelybatty
deserving. jacob/leah. pg13. aldriena
burned. jasper/bella. pg. catalysted
sunshine. billy/charlie. pg13. autumn_scarlet
penance. carlisle/rosalie. pg13. towerofwisdom
hand to the left. edward/rosalie. u. shannon_writes
i give an inch, please take a mile. rosalie/bella. pg13. rydia
it could be just like heaven. carlisle/lauren. pg. shinyfairylight
endings. jasper/bella/emmett. pg13. hell_in_the_end
i can't see you. alice/sam. pg. whisperwords

so clear, i can't even see the end. jasper/angela. pg. rydia
as the circle closed. mike/angela. pg. shinyfairylight
all we know is falling. sam/bella. pg13. shinyfairylight
honey eyes. esme/lauren. pg. demilune
but my feet never touch the ground. jasper/rosalie. pg. spadul
run but can't hide. sam/edward. pg13. demilune
there's blue skies before you. leah/emily. pg. havens
pleasure. jasper/emmett. nc17. jading
my silence is a dirty gold. carlisle/heidi. pg. rydia
wow. carlisle/mike. r. havens

perfection through the silence. jasper/demetri. pg13. havens
see you in me. angela/emily. pg. demilune
like peter pan. edward/renee. pg. towerofwisdom
hands on me. jacob/jessica. pg13. havens
aggravation. edward/rosalie. pg13. boundary
the first days of spring. felix/esme. pg13. shinyfairylight
dancing on ice. edward/alice. u. shannon_writes
blacking out the friction. edward/tanya. pg13. boundary
if there's ever anything left to steal. edward/rosalie. u. shannon_writes
better be quiet now. carlisle/emmett. r. demilune

make my blood thump 7-8-9. jacob/tanya. pg13. mouthsopen
who's killing who. quil/rosalie. pg13. havens [quil death number one]
she floats. sam/esme. pg. havens
i bet it stung. jacob/leah. pg13. allforyou_x3
we are caught in this game. mike/alice. pg. shinyfairylight
crimson and white. aro/bella. r. havens
quiet loud. edward/jacob. pg13. boundary
as you die, so do my mistakes. jasper/quil. pg13. demilune [quil death number two]
touch. rosalie/alice. r. havens
everything that she is not. sam/jessica. r. demilune

stolen car. embry/paul. pg. boundary
who is the predator, who is the prey. alice/quil. pg13. inksplotched [quil death number three]
she loves me, she loves me not. edward/tanya. pg13. havens
tombstone baby. jacob/leah. r. boundary
wild nights. jacob/alice. pg13. morlockiness
eve says let's give it a try. jacob/tanya. g. ofadoration
chemistry. carlisle/rebecca. pg. whisperwords
hell around the corner. rosalie/tanya. pg13. boundary
lie in it. bella/leah. pg13. havens
echoes. charlie/bella. r. towerofwisdom

tarantella. edward/rosalie. pg. whisperwords
second place and a gold cup. embry/bella. g. whomever
suddenly. sam/carlisle. pg13. whisperwords
iceblink luck. alice/esme. g. boundary
hush-a, hush-a. jane/carlisle. pg13. whomever
the accident. paul/quil. pg. whisperwords [quil death number four]
so starving. edward/jacob. pg13. boundary
the collapse. edward/jacob. r. havens
no association. edward/quil. pg13. boundary [quil death number five]
if only maybe were a four-letter word. bella/quil. pg. lady_ceky [quil doesn't die omg, first time]

no distance that could hold us back. edward/jacob. pg. boundary
dawn chorus. jasper/edward. pg. whisperwords
the countdown to the start of the end. jacob/angela. pg. lady_ceky
snakes and ladders. demetri/bella. pg. whomever
shadows. aro/jane. pg13. sunni_sideup
lapse. quil/rosalie. pg. whisperwords [quil death number six]
almost. jacob/tanya. pg. mouthsopen
tear you apart. marcus/quil. pg. shinyfairylight [quil death number seven]
cliffsides and swandives. alice/bella. pg. whomever
idols. jacob/seth. pg. morlockiness

the bravest thing she's ever been. jacob/jessica. pg. terra
quil would like to live, thanks. quil/various. quil/angela. pg13. peskywhistpaw [quil doesn't die, second time]
king of hearts. alice/james. pg. whomever
curious. bella/alice. pg13. ohbangladesh
sirens blaring in his mind. charlie/carlisle/billy. r. terra
think about it. carlisle/rosalie. pg13. sunni_sideup
grieving process. renee/alice. pg. the_hedgehog69
a different way. emmett/esme. carlisle/rosalie. pg. whomever
always. jasper/bella. pg. circler
restraint. leah/carlisle. pg. inksplotched

can't fight it. leah/quil. pg13. demilune [quil death number eight]
broken down with blood on my sleeve. bella/quil. pg13. rydia [quil death number nine]
motherly instinct. emily/esme. pg. inksplotched
the sweeter scent. aro/emily. pg. edenerade
rise and fall. edward/angela. g. autumn_scarlet
it will never be too far. quil/bella. pg13. lady_ceky [quil death doesn't count. he's not actually dead-dead, so ha]
power struggle. jane/rosalie. pg13. inksplotched
quil hates everyone. quil/everyone. pg. whomever [quil reflects on his dead condition]
except that death is inevitable, isn't it? quil/angela. pg13. peskywhistpaw [quil death number TEN. OH SO EPIC]
a finer taste. emmett/quil. pg. inksplotched [quil death number eleven]

wings ripped off my back. quil/embry. pg13. kaiwynn [quil death number twelve]
vegas. billy/charlie. r. autumn_scarlet
traitor. quil/bella. r. morlockiness [quil death number thirteen]
pawns. jane/heidi. pg. whomever
i'd rather be in love. emmett/alice. pg. edenerade
you bury yourself with every word. emily/quil. pg. inksplotched [quil death number fourteen]
morally correct and psychologically stable. edward/jacob. r. summerstorm
stop turning me into a cheater. lauren/jacob. quil/jacob. pg. crzywritermindi
if it kills me. edward/jacob. r. stormingheavens
what you don't know. jasper/rosalie. g. inksplotched

neue. lauren/victoria. pg. aldriena
fighting with fire. jacob/victoria. pg. sunni_sideup
breach. sam/emmett. pg13. whomever
underwater. leah/angela. pg13. allforyou_x3
twisting. jane/bella. pg. inksplotched
secrets. edward/rosalie. pg. rubyreflection
she doesn't stop. edward/leah. pg13. jacyevans
no hope, no love, no glory. jacob/quil/bella. pg13. goodtimenation [quil death number fifteen]
the sweetest thing. carlisle/leah. pg13. shinyfairylight
in another life. esme/charlie. pg. rosie1234

hunger. jasper/embry. pg13. morlockiness
who can love you and still be standing? edward/rosalie. pg. papered
the whispers in your bones. edward/tanya. pg13. corposant
selfish. heidi/jane. pg. windblownglass
enigma. aro/bella. pg. koinaka
peter pan. edward/rosalie. pg. koinaka
distraction. edward/tanya. r. koinaka
and he was drowning. charlie/alice. pg. whoajessica
brunettes. alice/edward. pg. morlockiness
she knows this much. alice/james. pg13. whoajessica

playing with fire. jasper/bella. pg. koinaka
ashes by now. carlisle/leah. pg. hiddleasaurus
angels fall first. bella/carlisle. r. icegirl99
china doll. emmett/bella. pg. murder_dollz
melting. victoria/jacob. pg. j3nnyb4by
calm before the storm. jacob/leah. pg13. koinaka
when it rains. jasper/bella. pg. hiddleasaurus
the state furthest from understanding. edward/seth. pg. insomiac_writer
anger. quil/embry. pg. anonymous.
confess to me all your secrets. jacob/angela. g. likeserendipity

this year's love had better last. jacob/angela. pg. likeserendipity
i am not an intermission. jacob/angela. pg. likeserendipity
forgot my heart on your front porch. jacob/angela. pg. likeserendipity
a different sort. jacob/angela. pg13. likeserendipity
little red. leah/bella. pg13. ophelietta

omg so many you guys


Tags: drabble-a-thon, meta post, uc glee
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