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Okay, so most of us have seen from the Harry Potter fandom that different ships have different combo names (i.e. Malfoycest, Snupin, etc) and nicknames (The Good Ship, Pumpkin Pie, etc).

What we need is something like that for Twilight. Hence, the NAME YOUR SHIP post.

Reply to the ship's comment (if you don't see your ship in the comments, make one -- I trust you guys) with your combo name and/or nickname suggestion(s). NOTE THAT THEY'RE DIFFERENT. combo name: names are combined into one. nickname: a cute title for the ship.


x Tell me ones you've heard of AND ones you're making up.

x If someone suggests a name that you really like, comment! Sort of a consensus-community-decision thing. :D

x BRING ON THE CRACK, YOU GUYS. Make it fun for me :)

x Hopefully this is self-explanatory, but if you have questions don't be afraid to ask! I don't always bite.


edward/bella. combo names: bedward, edella, belward, bellard, edwella. nicknames: chosen ones, dream team, lion and the lamb, angsthole ship, stupid virgins, team immortal, whine and cheese, pretty pale loss of virginites, together we are devirginized, la tua cantante, i'm alive, team birth control

jacob/bella. combo names: jella, bacob, black swan. nicknames: the smiley ship, choose life, pro-life, air and sun, sunshine ship, the best motherfucking thing since sliced bread (tbmftssb), sunshine and wolf cubs, baked cookies, sunkissed, the other ship, the other half, second life, hot hot sex, eclipsed, hells angels, baked

alice/jasper. combo names: jalice, alisper, jalisper. nicknames: pixie soldier, the optimists, the calm ones, the ultimate sweet team, mindsex, mindfux, texan ballerina, kiss and [fortune-]tell, the circle, the lover and the fighter, seeing and believing

emmett/rosalie. combo names: remmett, emmalie, rosamett, emrose. nicknames: beauty and the bear, the sexy couple, team sex plz, just physical, purely physical, satisfied

carlisle/esme. combo names: emrac, esmisle, carlesme, carme, eslisle. nicknames: second chances, love bite, mending love, spiritual love, the parentals

jacob/edward. combo names: jakeward, edcob. nicknames: treaty lines, the hot ones, defying gravity, defying nature, snackpack

jasper/bella. combo names: jaspella, jasla, jazzella, jasperella. nicknames: worth it, papercut, quench your thirst

jacob/angela. combo names: jangela, black angel. nicknames: second best, imprinting on angels, gravity shifts, a date tall enough for heels, puppy love

edward/rosalie. combo names: edalie, rosed, roseward. nicknames: the lion and the rose, red rose, skin deep, secret sin, hidden sin, the lion and the bitch, picking petals, bleeding petals, double-take

rosalie/jacob. combo names: roscob, josalie, rake, black rose. nicknames: beauty and the beast, vanity and wrath, presidents of team pro-life, something more

carlisle/edward. combo names: carward. nicknames: work and play

jasper/edward. combo names: jaspward, jaspard, edsper. nicknames: mind games, team think and feel

alice/bella. combo names: aella, bellice, balice. nicknames: slumber party ship

edward/tanya. combo names: twat, tward, edya, tanward. nicknames: denali denial, it happened, cool burn

carlisle/bella. combo names: carla, bellisle. nicknames: apple-a-day, the visiting hour, malpractice suits

edward/alice. combo names: edlice. nicknames: reading and seeing, mindsex, chessmates

rosalie/jasper. combo names: rosper, jaspalie, rasper. nicknames: the calm before after and during the storm, damaged goods, binge and purge

emmett/bella. combo names: belmett, emella. nicknames: grizzly lamb, bear hugs, big brother, proctective seatbelts, pre-marital sex, chuckles and trips, chuckle and blush, let loose, free falling

rosalie/bella. combo names: rosella. nicknames: wish fulfillment, happy endings, team human, pretty stupid

jacob/alice. combo names: acob. nicknames: fire and ice, ss hate!sex, dog leech, [a]lice and leech, frostbite

jasper/angela. combo names: jaspela, angeper nicknames: calm and kind, snow angels

james/alice. combo names: jamice. nicknames: the one that got away, the seer and the tracker, team straightjacket

charlie/renee. combo names: renarlie, chenee. nicknames: where things went wrong, irresponsibility, sun and rain, disorder of the phoenix, not quite forgotten, a memory of old

james/victoria. combo names: jamoria. nicknames: feline hunter, predatory, team predator, the only sex scene we'll ever get in the movies

jacob/leah. combo names: blackwater, jaleah, lake. nicknames: anti-imprinting league, the effects of imprinting, lost cause, the unchosen ones, left behind, anger and angst

jacob/emmett. combo names: jemmett, jammett. nicknames: black bear

sam/emily. combo names: samily. nicknames: lessons learned, scarface

victoria/rosalie. combo names: victoralie, rosoria. nicknames: rust and gold

jacob/lauren. combo names: laurcob, jaren. nicknames: team superficial

jasper/jane. combo names: janesper, janeper, jaspane. nicknames: mind war, manipulation, team manipulate

edward/mike. combo names: mikeward. nicknames: the lion and the [golden] retriever, newton's lion

billy/charlie. combo names: black swan sr., charlly, billie, charbi. nicknames: going fishing

jasper/emmett. combo names: jaspett. nicknames: touchy-feely, impulse and restraint, crass and calm

edward/bree. combo names: bredward, edree, breeward. nicknames: bloodlust, commit to control

jasper/jacob. combo names: j2. nicknames: lone wolf

embry/paul. combo names: nicknames: packcest

edward/emmett. combo names: emward. nicknames: the brain and the brawn, the lion and the bear, brokeback mountain

jane/alec. combo names: jalec. nicknames: the short pair, siblings with benefits, twins with benefits

quil/leah. combo names: nicknames:

brady/collin. combo names: brollin. nicknames:

paul/rebecca. combo names: nicknames:

sam/carlisle. combo names: samisle, carlam. nicknames: leaders of the pack, father figures

quil/embry. combo names: quembry, embuil. nicknames: this ship is so canon it hurts, best wolves forever

edward/riley. combo names: nicknames:

lauren/edward. combo names: lard. nicknames:

rosalie/laurent. combo names: lauralie. nicknames:

alice/embry. combo names: embrice. nicknames:

seth/angela. combo names: sangela. nicknames:

riley/bree. combo names: briley. nicknames: bloodlust, team dead!bella

leah/mike. combo names: like. nicknames: high school nostalgia

leah/rachel. combo names: nicknames:

rosalie/alice. combo names: rosalice. nicknames: shopping buddies, sisters doing it for themselves, close quarters, ames soeurs, pretty pixies

alice/ben. combo names: alen, benice. nicknames:

heidi/felix. combo names: nicknames: always hungry, hook line and sinker

sam/jacob. combo names: jam, sake. nicknames: team alpha

aro/jane. combo names: jaro. nicknames: sadomasopedonecrophilia (SMPN)

felix/gianna. combo names: nicknames:

caius/marcus. combo names: carcus. nicknames:

edward/esme. combo names: esmard, edme. nicknames: mommy dearest, oedipus complex

paul/angela. combo names: pangela, angelaul. nicknames: anger management

emmett/jacob. combo names: nicknames:

embry/bella. combo names: embrella. nicknames:

charlie/jacob. combo names: nicknames:

jacob/paul. combo names: nicknames:

james/rosalie. combo names: jamalie, rosames, jose. nicknames:

jasper/tanya. combo names: tasper. nicknames:

mike/angela. combo names: mangela, mange. nicknames:

james/gianna. combo names: giames. nicknames:

esme/rosalie. combo names: esmelie, rosme. nicknames:

alice/emily. combo names: alily, a lily. nicknames:

emmett/sam. combo names: sammett. nicknames: cold war

esme/leah. combo names: esmeah. nicknames:

carlisle/jared. combo names: carred, jarlisle. nicknames:

embry/jasper. combo names: jasbry. nicknames:

seth/rosalie. combo names: nicknames:

jacob/tanya. combo names: tacob, taycob, janya. nicknames: fuck yes, hot as ice

jacob/jasper. combo names: nicknames: double trouble

rosalie/mike. combo names: nicknames:

edward/kate. combo names: kateward. nicknames:

mike/bella. combo names: mella, bike. nicknames: office sex, constant vigilance

james/laurent. combo names: lames, jaurent. nicknames: cheating hunters

seth/edward. combo names: sethward. nicknames:

heidi/carlisle. combo names: cardi, heisle. nicknames: cardiac arrest

heidi/tanya. combo names: nicknames: carnivores

alec/angela. combo names: angelec. nicknames: little angels

alice/charlie. combo names: allie, charlice, arlie, chalice. nicknames:

rosalie/tanya. combo names: tosalie, rosanya, ranya. nicknames: gold glitter

sam/leah. combo names: smellya, smeah, sleah, lam. nicknames: high school romance, teenage love, heavy hearts move on, puppy love

quil/claire. combo names: qulaire, clil, quire, quaire. nicknames: gravity moves, robbing the cradle, something more, bestfriends and boyfriends, i've got dibs, robbing the grave, forever young, team pervert, team gravity

billy/bella. combo names: belly, billa. nicknames:

emmett/esme. combo names: esmett. nicknames: mama bear

laurent/lauren. combo names: lauren[t]. nicknames:

carlisle/alice. combo names: carlice. nicknames: car fetish, porsche and benz

edward/james. combo names: nicknames:

emmett/alice. combo names: nicknames: lacking in refinement, the fun in funeral, young at heart, good intentions

jacob/seth. combo names: sacob, sethcob, jeth. nicknames: hero worship, adoration


ohh. ps. i'm staying neutral in all ship discussions FOR THIS POST ONLY. (aka, i'm going to try really hard not to bash canon. lol.)
Tags: meta post, ship names
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